Care for Oro-facial injuries

Care for Oro-Facial Injuries

Oro-Facial injuries related to dentistry that involves oral cavity and surrounding facial structures. The most common oral facial injuries include soft tissue injury, and hard tissue injury which includes the teeth and facial bones. Oral Facial injuries have possibilities to cause disfigurement and loss of function. For example, blindness or difficulty moving the jaw can be the result. Oro-facial injuries can sometimes be deadly, because it can cause severe bleeding or interference with the airway. 

Depending upon the type of facial injury, the treatment may include bandaging and suturing of wounds, antibiotics and pain killers. It may also include moving bones back into place, and surgery. 


The causes for injuries include falls, assaults, sports injuries, and vehicle crashes. These are the most common causes of oro-facial injuries in children as well as in adults.


Measures to reduce oral facial injuries include:

  • The use of seat belt and public education to increase consciousness about the importance of seat beltsand motorcycle helmets.
  • During a dental emergency call your oral health care provider as soon as possible.
  • You have to be sure to discuss about the nature of your injury and any symptoms you are experiencing.
  • You should pay more attention to your surroundings and also adjust your actions accordingly to maintain safety.
  •  The Custom mouth guards are most effective way  of protecting teeth and soft tissue from Sports injuries.
  • The airbags can also cause corneal abrasions and cuts to the face when they deploy.


 Performing oro-facial surgery and other treatments which include oral &  facial injuries increase the oral function and comfort.  It also helps with repairing damage and restoring one’s appearance. Because facial trauma is immensely uncomfortable it requires relatively invasive care at times. 

Soft tissues: These type of oral facial injuries include bruises, cuts and lacerations to the lips, cheeks, gums or tongue. Such wounds require careful cleaning and  has to make sure there are no entangled pieces of tooth or dirt. If these lacerations are huge then stitches might be necessary. The antibiotic treatment along with tetanus shots will be necessary to prevent any serious and life threatening infection.

 Dislocation of the lower or upper jaw: The Jaw bone fractures  requires the more difficult testing and scanning. Simple jaw dislocations are easy to correct. Jaw fractures if complicated may require open surgical fixation and pinning under general anaesthesia. It will usually require more experienced imaging techniques to allow the proper methods of repair. 

Tooth: It includes teeth breakage or simple chipping and also the tooth removed from its socket. More serious condition develops when the teeth are fractured. If the fracture is so serious to expose the tooth’s inner pulp, immediate attention from a dentist will be needed.  So as to  reduce the risk of losing the tooth, by treating the exposed pulp and nerve tissues.


Oro-facial injuries might prove to be serious so immediate attention of your doctor is advised. 

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