Full Mouth Rehabilitation service in Vijayawada

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Full mouth rehabilitation service in Vijayawada reconstructs your entire set of teeth to restore your dental health. Teeth are important structures in the oral cavity & associates many functions. As a result, Loss of teeth may be inevitable for several reasons. However, patients with missing or uneven teeth will experience difficulty in speaking and chewing. Similarly, they can’t even share their smile heartfully. Full moth rehabilation service in Vijayawada restores your dental health to optimal condition. Similarly, it improves your appearance, quality of life and self-esteem. 

Due to neglegence of trauma or cancer, a person may require much more extensive dentistry – Full mouth rehabilitation. The full mouth rehabilitation service in Vijayawada involves dentures, implants, crown and bridge work to restore the patient’s normal state. Our expertise in quality dental restorations and implants can help to recreate or replace the damage of teeth.

Why do you need a Full mouth rehabilitation

We access our mouths to speak, eat and breath. Full mouth rehabilitation is usually involves to recreate a patient’s bite. As a result, when our bite is balances, wear and tear on our teeth also minimises. Replacement of teeth should be done to restore the functions like mastication, phonetics, and esthetics. However, In present day, many treatment options are available, among them full mouth rehabitation has become a major choice. 

Full mouth rehabilitations are suitable if you have the following issues:

  • Multiple uneven or missing teeth due to decay or trauma.
  • Also, Severly worn teeth that are chipped and broken. 
  • Misaglignment of teeth effecting your bite, smile and speeech. 
  • When you experience teeth grinding. 

The process of Full mouth rehabilitation service in Vijayawada

However, to continue the full mouth rehabilitation, the dentist will check your teeth, temporomandibular joints, jaw muscels and aesthetics.

  • Initially, the dentist will assess the condition of your teeth to know whether they are missing or broken.
  • Also, your dentist suggests you dentures, veneers, crown or implant if mandatory.
  • In addition, your dentist will also inspect your teeth for any signs of decay.
  • Occlusal changes also need to be taken into consideration when your dentist plans your restoration.
  • However, you may require orthodontics to correct occlusion before additional restorative procedures.
  • The colour, shape & size of your teeth and how they appear in relation to your gums, lips, mouth and face will also be assess prior to the treatment.
Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full mouth rehabilitation is the restoration of the form and function of the masticatory apparatus to as near normal as possible.

Planning and executing the restorative rehabilitation is probably one of the most intellectual and technical tasks on demand for facing a PROSTHODONTIST.