benefits of periodontal surgery

Benefits of Periodontal surgery

Benefits of Periodontal surgery are a lot. The purpose of this nef The intention is to give an environment more value to oral hygiene and maintenance care. So that teeth can be kept for a longer period.  Most of the procedures are conducted with a local anaesthesia sometimes with the additional use of oral anti sedative medication or intravenous conscious sedation. 

Benefits of Periodontal surgery

Deep Cleaning:

Root planning is also known as Deep cleaning is a process of removal of plaque and calculus. Periodontal surgery gives in depth cleaning that helps to break the bacteria in the mouth & restore health to mouth and gums. So, This deep cleaning destroys the pockets formed by the bacteria and helps to prevent further damage. It is one of the benefits of periodontal surgery. It is known as periodontal scaling.  Also it will help give you cleaner, healthier gums to reattach your teeth.

Gingival curettage

This is a Surgical procedure which removes the soft tissue lining of periodontal pocket with a curet, which leaves only a gingival connective tissue lining. This Gingival curet is a procedure in conjunction with scaling and root planning. 

Provides Fresh Breath

Proper oral hygiene or treatment of periodontal disease can start to cure your bad breath almost immediately. Bad breath is the indicator of gum disease. Also it causes because of the build-up formed by rotting food particles, bacteria and plaque. Bacteria which are present in the mouth form toxins which can irritate the gums. Benefit of periodontal surgery is that it can diminish all the bacteria and can provide you with fresh breath.

Identification of Health problems

One of the benefits of periodontal surgery is that it can help identify the doctor if you have any other issues or problems regarding your oral health. So that it can also be treated in time and does not affect your oral health any further. 

Prevents tooth loss

It makes the gums strong and removes any residue, which helps in restoring the tooth strength and prevents tooth loss. Tooth loss is one of the major risks which can interfere with the oral hygiene. 

Restores Function

Periodontal surgery often is able to rejuvenate functionality to specific areas of the mouth by reinforcing strength to the teeth and gums and restoring health. Severe and uncomfortable pain caused by the bacteria can often sustain parts of the mouth from functioning properly. But periodontal surgery will remove the bacteria causing the pain.

Tartar removal

Tartar and plaque builds up both above and below the gum line. But if they are left without treating, it can cause serious dental problems. It can remove easily through periodontal treatment. This is one of the benefits of periodontal surgery. 

Always consult your dentist about the procedures. Dentists will advise you with the perfect dental procedure for your problems. 

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