Treatment Approaches for spacing teeth

Treatment Approaches for Spacing Teeth

Spacing Teeth is known as diastemas in the dental world. The most usual place spacing teeth occur is in the upper front teeth. But it can be caused even in the lower front teeth as well. The main reason for the teeth space are occurred is because the teeth are too small for the jaw. The habits like thumb sucking push the upper teeth forward and create spacing between the teeth. Thus it caused by any of these habits will enlarge over time. These can be more easily treatable than natural gaps.

In this article you will read about the spacing teeth, its impact and how it can be treated.


Oral Hygiene: 

Food particles tend to get stuck between the spacing teeth and the bacteria can access to your gums and your teeth. It becomes a breeding place for the plaque. This will result in bleeding gums, swollen gums, and loose teeth, eventually leading to periodontal problems like gingivitis or periodontitis.

Improper Smile: 

Spacing teeth can cause one noticeable blemish that is a large gap between the two upper front teeth which can have a huge impact on your smile.

Lack of Confidence: 

For some people having space in between teeth can affect their confidence. If the spacesin your teeth are particularly large it can make your teeth look poorly aligned. 

Chewing Problems: 

Spacing teeth may lead to chewing problem which can be the cause for swallowing huge chunks of food causing digestive problems.

Social Life: 

It can influence your quality of life style in activities such as eating, sleeping, talking and enjoying the general health.


Anyone who have gaps in the teeth, either they are caused due to un natural means such as size of teeth, thumb sucking, Gum diseases which cause space between teeth and also who are naturally born with Spacing teeth are eligible for the treatment.


By Orthodontic means: Braces ( Metal, ceramic, lingual), or Aligners

It is most common, best and natural way of treatment for spacing teeth. Braces have wires and brackets which put pressure on teeth and slowly move them together, where as aligners are most advanced and with out wires giving most pleasant feel in closing the spaces between teeth

By Restorative means : (Composites & Veneers)

Composites (direct or indirect) are tooth coloured restorations used to fill the gaps.

Veneers or Laminates are another option. These are most aesthetic way of filling gaps, with which we can do smile designing, giving better smile.

By prosthetic means: Implants and Partial Dentures

In severe cases, space between teeth can cause by the absence of a tooth. In such cases, one require implants and partial dentures. This helps in keeping the remaining teeth healthy and strong.

Periodontal Treatment

This is usually done in elder people where bone loss takes place due to gum disease. This causes spacing teeth and must be treated first. After the bone loss is rectifies through flap surgery and grafting procedures, the above methods takes place to treat the spaces between the teeth.


If your problem is a small space between your teeth, your dentist can consider suitable proceedure for  closing the space.

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