Dental Visit Precautions For patients With pacemaker

Timely dental visits at your doctor’s clinic are a very essential thing to do in order to maintain proper oral hygiene. But when visiting a doctor, you should never hesitate in telling about the other necessary things that he/she should know as your doctor. This thing applies to you even more if you have pacemaker implantation in your body. Though there are not many complications that can occur due to it in your dental procedures, your doctor should still be informed about it so that proper precautionary methods can be carried out throughout your treatment.

What is a pacemaker?

A pacemaker is a device that is implanted in the chest of your body. This is done for keeping your heartbeat in control. Mainly it is used in patients who have suffered a heart attack or any other cardiac condition due to slow heartbeats. It is implanted by a surgical procedure by experienced doctors. A pacemaker is a device that only works when it is needed. The needing condition is often when the heartbeat of the patient gets too slow. When this happens, the pacemaker releases electrical impulses to get your heartbeat back on its regular track.

Precautions to take

The activity of the pacemaker can get affected by the latest devices that dental clinics are equipped with these days, such as apex locators, ultrasonic lasers, diathermy, etc. Along with this, many other things can possibly cause harm to your chest implantation. To avoid the happening of any such event, make sure to keep the below precautions in mind:

First of all, make sure to inform your doctor beforehand so that he/she can make sure that any machine that can possibly harm the pacemaker is inactive at the time of your visit. This is a very important thing to do as this allows the doctor to prepare any other precaution that needs to be taken for your safety.

You should also know that many dental procedures can provide harm to your heart. Most of these procedures are the ones that include the usage of electricity, and electricity can cause harm to another electrical device that is already implanted in you.

Some of the said procedures include diathermy, electrocautery, electrolysis and thermolysis, external defibrillation, lithotripsy, and the transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation unit.

There are also much procedures that poses no harm to the working of your pacemaker and do not provide you with any reason to worry. These procedures are the ones that do not usually include the process of your body being introduced to electricity. 

Some of those said dental procedures include dental drills and cleaning equipment, ultrasound procedures for diagnosing, mammograms, CT scans, diagnostic X-rays, and EKG machines.

The above said precautionary methods are for your own self-awareness. Rather than just these precautions, make sure to tell your dentist about your condition and properly discuss anything that may include you getting in a fatal position.

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