All about the “tell-show-do” method in dentistry

All about the “tell-show-do” method in dentistry

tell show do method in dentistry, Proper regular check-ups are a necessity for everyone, whether it is a toddler, or and elderly. But children and many adults can often have the fear of clinical procedures and equipment which holds them back from getting proper surgical treatments. In children, it is mostly because of their fear of the unknown. Around 40 years ago, a new method was discovered for the treatment of children that would not only allow the doctor to properly carry on the required medical procedure but would also help the treated child get free from the fear of medical procedures

This said method was given the term “tell show do” and it is quite an apt term for the steps that are carried out in this method. This method has helped thousands of children all around the world to get free from their fear of surgeries as well as dental procedures. Actually, not only on just kids, but this method has also helped a lot of adults to get out from their nervousness about dental procedures.

How it is carried out

The tell show do method works in three chronological steps. If carried out properly, these three steps ensure that the properly occurring of dental procedure. All of these three steps are mentioned below in their chronological order of occurrence:


In this step, the doctor tries to explain the medical procedure to the patient. But not forgetting that the patient is a child who didn’t go to medical school, the doctor uses simple terms along with proper analogies to make sure that the child understands the whole procedure. This allows the patient to know and get a hold of what is going to happen to him/her. The fear of the unknown that is going to the patient goes away with this step. This step also allows the patient to acknowledge that the person who is going to treat him/her knows what they are doing and hence, makes the patient feel secure about letting the doctor treat them.


Following the acts of the previous step, this step focuses on a visual demonstration of the procedure that was explained to the patient. This is demonstrated with the help of the medical equipment, with which he tries to show what is he going to do. If the equipment is not dangerous, then the doctor also lets the patient hold it and see what he is going to do with them. This is a considerably important step in the process of taking away the fear from the mind of the patient. 


Following the explanation and the demonstration of the procedure that needs to happen, this step includes the carrying out of the procedure itself. After the patient understands the whole dental procedure and gets comfortable with it, the doctor starts with the procedure and treats the patient. This step can only be executed if the doctor succeeds in persuading the patient with the above two steps properly

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