About dental dentures and dental implants

About Dental dentures and Dental implants

There are many people who need to replace their missing teeth. For such people, there are many options available, two of the most widely used options between those options are dental dentures and dental implants. You can choose the right one for you by looking on their several included factors such as their price, your preference, and the condition of your jaw bone along with the remaining teeth. They both have their own advantages and disadvantages so, in order to make the right choice, you must consider the previously mentioned factors and then make your choice.

Some purposes that they both dental dentures and dental implants provide similarly are as follows:

  • Help you in chewing and breaking down the food that you might have not been able to without them.
  • Provide a supportive structure to your facial muscles.
  • Helps in improving your speech that might have become a little different than it was once before.
  • Make sure that you have a nice smile and every other perk that comes along with it, such as increased self-esteem and reduced self-consciousness.

But even after all these similarities, there are even more differences between these two dental supporters dental dentures and dental implants.

About dentures :-

Dentures are basically temporary teeth that are prosthetic in nature and are fitted in your mouth as the replacement of missing or broken teeth. They usually come as a whole set that consists of either all the teeth of the upper jaw or all the teeth of the lower jaw. But it also comes in the form of a whole other set that consists of both the teeth in the upper jaw as well as in the lower jaw.

Other than that, dentures are also designed as per the dental feature of an individual patient. For making this, the doctor usually studies your bite along with the alignment of your upper and lower jaw for making sure that the prepared denture would allow you to perform optimum chewing motion and speech motion without having any difficulties.

Dentures are cheaper than most of the other dental fixations and hence, are a better option for you if your budget is tight.

About Implants :-

An implant requires more dental procedures to take place when compared to dentures. For fitting an implant, enough bone is required to place the screw-like implants that are already capped with crowns. They are gaining quite a lot of popularity in recent years.

Its procedure includes extraction of the damaged root as the first process. After the extraction or the previous removal of the root, a hole is drilled deep into the jawbone. Then, a post, metal prosthetic root, is implanted into the deepest part of the previously drilled hole in the jawbone.

After which, it is left there for some time until the bone starts to grow around the post to secure it in its place. This can take quite some time, even some months. A crown is then attached to the abutment. It is essentially an artificial tooth that is made to match the surroundings of the teeth.

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