Misconceptions about Nutrition

Misconceptions about Nutrition

Misconceptions of nutrition are spread far and wide. Healthy eating is what we try to achieve in our daily lives. But do we exactly know that whatever we follow is it really helpful or damaging our health in the contrary. Adding a bit of extra cheese to your diet once a while doesn’t necessarily going to add up to your weight which is the biggest misconception about nutrition. In fact over eating anything can be harmful. 

Let’s find out about the misconceptions about nutrition which has to be changed immediately. 

Drinking 8 glasses of water every day

This is one of the biggest misconceptions of nutrition. You know how much water your body require. 8 glasses of water can be too much for some and much less for others. In a hot and humid country people require more amount of water to keep themselves hydrated. Moreover eating water enriched fruits is an excellent alternative for good health as well as staying hydrated.

Dieting helps to lose weight

This is the most famous misconception of nutrition. Skipping meals leads to put on weight as per studies. Breakfast is most essential part of the day. If you skip breakfast later on unknowingly you tend to eat more than you actually eat. Dieting supplements aren’t good for the health on the long go. Stick to detox diet once in a while without actually skipping meals. Eat meals as you normally would but replace them with low calorie foods.

Late night eating should be skipped

Late night eating doesn’t necessarily should be skipped. If you are a working person sometimes you may not be able to eat on time. Though eating on time is necessary. It doesn’t mean you can skip the meal if you are late. It’s better to eat something rather than eat nothing and go to sleep. No matter whenever you eat your body is going to digest it properly. 

Nuts cannot be eaten while on Diet

Nuts are a very good source of Protein. A handful of nuts will not cause any weight gain. In fact nuts are said to be eaten in weight loss programs as well. The main idea of dieting is to cut down your fat content, not your protein content. Excess of anything is harmful. So a balanced diet is necessary. 

Juices are substitute of meals

This is one of the misconceptions of nutrition. Juices can never be replaced with meals. Juices are high in protein and less in fibres. Fibre is the key component to keep your stomach full. You will end up drinking more juices than you actually should which may contribute to opposite. So having a meal along with juice once a while will do more good for your health. 

Green tea helps you lose weight

We have seen a lot of TV ads showing green tea is good source for losing weight. Do you know green tea and black tea more or less does the same work. They helps to boost up your metabolism not actually cut down your fat. As both contain caffeine in them it is important to limit the intake. 

Nutrition is very important source for a healthy life style. Misconceptions of nutrition are always being circulated everywhere. But we know what is best for our body. Consult a dietician for a more balanced diet and a fit body. Exercise regularly and follow a balanced diet plan. 

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