does sugar causes dental diseases other than cavities

Does sugar causes dental diseases other than cavities?

We are all aware that if we allow them, kids and sweets may become best friends. A child who doesn’t enjoy candy and other sweet snacks like cookies, ice cream, candies, etc. is rare. They simply adore them. But we can classify this friendship as harmful. Love may be painful at times, and the love of sugar is the best illustration of this. Sugar and teeth don’t go well together as sugar causes some dental diseases other than cavities. It is a common misunderstanding that primary teeth, often known as baby teeth, are less significant than permanent teeth. Their teeth are no exception; they require good mental and physical care.

As teeth are formed of bone, they receive nutrients to help them grow stronger, just like the rest of your children’s bones do. The permanent or secondary teeth that are forming directly above the baby’s denture can be impacted by what happens to a child’s primary teeth. Cavities can harm permanent teeth before they even erupt and are a common yet serious oral health problem. Tooth decay can have the same negative effects on children as it does on adults. They may have bad breath, discomfort, infections, periodontal disorders, and more. That is why dental healthcare experts, like pediatric dentists, are so concerned about encouraging children to practice good oral hygiene.

Why Is Sugar So Harmful to Children’s Teeth?

We believe we owe you a thorough explanation of the tooth deterioration caused by sugary meals because the issue is brought up frequently and with such intensity. Humans often have a lot of microorganisms in their mouths.  Oral infections, poor breath, and even tooth loss are caused by this bacteria. When we clean our teeth correctly, using the proper toothpaste and at the proper intervals, we get rid of it. Additionally crucial to the process of eradicating bacteria is flossing. You might not be aware of this, but bacteria’s only mission is nutrition and reproduction. They travel about the inside of your mouth hunting for food and a secure place to live and procreate.

Their task is complete once they locate some food remains in the corner of your molars, or even better when they locate some deliciously sticky sugar to cling to. The enamel on the teeth is harmed by the acid that bacteria produce. Consider tooth enamel to be a plastic covering. If the plastic is flat and smooth, cleaning it is simple. However, if the plastic is lots of pores, the dirt will remain and be difficult to remove. Your teeth suffer exactly the same effects as that. Sugar feeds the bacterium, which multiplies endlessly and eventually develops cavities.

Does Sugar Causes Dental Diseases Other Than Cavities?

Although tooth decay is frequently mentioned as a result of sugar and candy intake, there are numerous other issues that excessive sugar consumption can lead to.


Calculus is another word for tartar that is commonly used. It resembles a cape made of hardened dental plaque. Dental plaque buildup leads to a hard, stone-like type of plaque that is difficult to remove, causing bad breath, gum inflammation, and other problems. You must visit your dentist’s clinic to treat dental tartar since it requires specialized equipment like periodontal scalers. But brushing your teeth twice a day is crucial to avoiding dental calculus.


A plague is a type of bacteria in the mouth. Dentists refer to it as bacterial plaque or oral biofilm. This type of bacteria produces an acidic environment that leads to tooth decay, gingivitis, and other gum illnesses. The majority of the time, good oral hygiene is sufficient to keep dental plaque out of your mouth. It is advised to brush your teeth with toothpaste that is suitable for your personal needs.

Bleeding gums

Although having bleeding gums may seem like an illness, it is actually a symptom. Whether it is an infection or another problem, occasional bleeding is a sign of gum disease. People occasionally bleed while brushing their teeth, but this might happen if they apply too much pressure to the gums and teeth. Vitamin deficits might also be the cause of bleeding gums (K and C).

Periodontal Disease Condition

As we previously stated, bleeding gums are frequently a sign of periodontal disorders. Gingivitis has progressed to periodontitis. Periodontitis is a term used by dentists to describe an infection that has spread to the gums. This is a major issue because receding gums could even result in tooth loss.

What Healthy Alternatives Exist to Sugar?


Because it is derived from a plant and is more natural than other sweeteners, stevia is one of the most popular sugar substitutes. However, stevia sweeteners are also refined using an industrial procedure.


This sugar alcohol is an artificial sweetener and one of those. It has advantages like superb sweetness and relatively few calories. You just need to use a small amount of it because it is significantly sweeter than regular white sugar.


Never forget that dental hygiene is the basis of both oral health and dental care. Your children should brush their teeth twice daily and try to avoid sugary food items in order to prevent tooth problems in the future and always remember that sugar causes dental diseases other than cavities, so try to limit sugary meals & drinks. Sky Dental Clinic is one of the best dental hospitals in Vijayawada. We assist our patients in maintaining good dental health, which leads to fewer cavity issues. Similarly, offer comprehensive dental care to everyone, including the old and young. Additionally, our exceptional team of dental surgeons provides oral hygiene services and preventive care.

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