Antibiotic prophylaxis or Premedication


Antibiotic prophylaxis or Premedication is given for the patients who have a condition like heart problems or joint implants. However, this is done because of the bacteria present in the mouth may enter the blood stream. As a result, into the heart valves or heart lining and cause infections. So doctors recommend patients with a heart condition take antibiotics before dental procedures. But use of any antibiotic should be under the supervision of doctors, and they should not be taken over the counter. 

In this article you will read about antibiotic prophylaxis or pre medication actually suitable for dental procedures. 

Antibiotic Prophylaxis or Premedication

Antibiotic prophylaxis or Premedication are for dental procedures such as bleeding in the mouth has become a practise among the dental professionals. But, one need to considder clinical situations before opting for Antibiotic Prophylaxis such as:

  • Sub-acute bacterial endocartins: Inflammation of the endocardium caused by the infection of microorganisms. It affects the inner lining of the cardiac chamber. 
  • Prosthetic Joints:Usually, Patients with prosthetic joints are not considered suitable to use Antibiotic Prophylaxis prior to the dental procedures. While in some cases, we have to premeditate them in order to avoid infections.
  • Indwelling catheter 
  • Patients with Diabetes 
  • Also Patients with HIV
  • With Artificial heart valve
  • Patients with Heart transplant.

Antibiotic prophylaxis or premedication is just taking of some antibiotics before the dental procedures like teeth cleansing, tooth extractions. Similarly, root canal treatments, and deep cleaning between tooth root and gums to supress any infection. One need to consider Premedication when treatment requires gingival manipulation or mucosal incision, only after a proper consultation with the patient and their orthopaedic surgeon.


Antibiotic Prophylaxis or premedication are completely for patients  in order to protect them but it may involve risks

  • Proactive bacteria might get destroyed.
  • Patients are more sustainable towards infection
  • Patients may experience nausea, loss of appetite and fever. 


Patients have to tell their Dentist about their complete medical condition, so that the doctor can decide whether to use antibiotic prophylaxis or premedication can be used on you or not and may suggest some other alternative.

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