Osteoporosis impact on oral health

Osteoporosis impact on Oral Health

Once seen as a phase in the physiological life cycle of women, due to uncertain secretion of oestrogen, osteoporosis is now declared as a chronic bone disease by scientists. Osteoporosis is a condition in which there is considerable loss in bone density and mass, along with the architectural deterioration of bone tissue. This causes a lot of problems in the human body such as frequent fractures, always feeling heavy, not being able to execute physical sports properly. This is not a disease that can be so easily spotted as it does not have symptoms that can be seen from the outside of a human’s body. In most cases, a person is detected to suffer from this chronic illness when he/she gets a fracture or constant fractures in a row. 

The people who are usually seen suffering from this condition are middle-aged or old women. Researchers have also found that 1 man in every 5 men is seen to suffer from the condition once in their lifetime. There are many more effects of this disease on people. This disease often comes with the preliminary risk of having to go through many bone-related strength problems all around the body. 

Relationship with Dental Hygiene – Osteoporosis

One of the biggest backlashes or symptoms of this disease is seen in the dental region of the human body. Due to this condition, the person that is suffering from it suffers loss in bone density. This loss in bone density also includes the density of dental parts in it, such as teeth. This constant loss in the density of teeth eventually leads to a moment from which the teeth start suffering. This suffering refers to the breaking of teeth and loss in teeth count. This is simply because the teeth lose their strength and density which leads them to a point where the normal pressure that you used to put on it becomes too much for it to handle and it starts getting cracks in it. 

Many researchers have conducted their studies on this topic of the relationship between osteoporosis and dental loss. Most of these studies have come with a nearly similar conclusion, which is the eventual decline in dental health due to osteoporosis. One of the key reasons for this is said to be the loss in the density of jaw bones which leads to its inability to stabilize the teeth on it. Hence, leaving the body with no other option than to lose the teeth that are posing a problem to its stability. 

The jawbones are one of the key workers of our dental region, whether the topic is about chewing food or simply speaking. Loss in the inner structure of the jaw causes certain inabilities for the person that is suffering from it. This loss in the density of jaw bone also makes it quite susceptible to frequent jaw bone fractures due to daily life wear and tear. Osteoporosis can provide your body and dental structure with harm.

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