IV Sedation & How It Was Implemented In Dentistry

IV Sedation & How It Was Implemented In Dentistry

IV sedation in dentistry 

One of the biggest things that concern the mind of a human who’s going to sit in a dental chair is the fear of anything that might go wrong while he/she is in between the dental procedure. To relieve a patient from such anxiety, many ways are created by professional dentists. IV sedation is one of those ways. IV sedation in dentistry is a method by which a patient is calmed with the help of mild sedatives. Unlike other relieving methods, IV sedation is an intravenous method, a method in which the sedatives are introduced to the body of the patient by injecting it directly into the blood vessels. 

More about IV sedation

IV sedation is often considered the best method of putting the patient out of their dental anxiety. This is because of the effectiveness of this method and the negligible amount of side effects that it provides its consumer with. This is quite an apt method for anyone who is going to be presenting in their regular monthly checkups or to a basic dental procedure. The sedatives used in this method only put a mild effect on their consumer. The consumer will be able to see and know about his/her surroundings but would be unable to react except when nudged or given verbal commands. 

Benefits of IV sedation

IV sedation has proved its efficiency and capability in the field of dentistry by being an apt solution to a patient’s anxiety along with having no side effects at all. This makes it a type of sedation that is worth considering when looking for a proper way of getting sedated while being in a dental procedural state. Some of the benefits of opting for IV sedation in a medical procedure are:

  • Instant effect: One of the main reasons due to which it is considered an apt choice by most patients during their dental procedure, is its ability to show its effects as soon as it is administered in the patient’s body. 
  • Adjustability:  Adjusting the dose that is to be administered in the patient’s body is easy when the method of IV sedation is used. This is due to the ease that its sedatives provide when it comes to tracking their effects on the patient’s body. 
  • No bad memories: Dental procedures are something that most patients do not intend to remember due to the trauma that it leaves in their minds. IV sedation is the solution to that problem. When administered in the body of a patient, the sedatives used in this method create an effect of a long period of amnesia that makes the patient unable to remember anything that he/she might have witnessed during their dental procedure. 
  • Elongated effect: Due to the effect of this sedation being quite long, it makes it easier for the doctor to proceed with multiple procedures without causing any kind of problems from the anxiety of the patient. This makes it even more apt of a solution for those who want to get multiple procedures performed within a single appointment. 

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