ankylosed tooth

Ankylosed tooth

Dental health plays one of the most crucial parts in the proper functioning of the human body. But when its proper workflow is disrupted, there are many backlashes, both aesthetic and functional, that come as symptoms on a body. Teeth ankylosis is one of the conditions that provide harm to both the aesthetic and the functional features of the dental structure of a body. This condition is quite rare and quite noticeable too in those who suffer from this condition. This is because one of the basic symptoms of this condition is causing a disrupted pattern in the alignment of teeth. Ankylosed tooth induced in to the dental industry makes the big difference. 

The teeth that are the victim of this condition are known as ankylosed teeth. These teeth can be easily be differentiated from the usual ones as their cementum gets fused with the alveolar bone of the jaw. This is mostly caused because of trauma. Ankylosis is also a process that is referred to as pathological fusion. This is because it mostly occurs when there is a repair made with cementum or dentine following the process of root resorption. From many studies that have been made by scientists, it has also been observed that the process of ankylosis frequently occurs more in deciduous teeth more than permanent teeth. 

More facts related to ankylosed tooth

Ankylosed tooth have many mysteries behind their origin in one’s body to the part of it showing its first symptoms. This makes it a good topic to dig deeper into. Some more facts that help us dig deeper into this topic are as follows:

  • Unknown cause: With the studies made by scientists, it is now known that this condition occurs more in deciduous teeth when compared to permanent teeth. But the definite cause that triggers the occurrence of this condition in a human body is still unknown. Some of the characteristics that have been found as similarities in the people who suffer from it are dominant inheritance in the genes, trauma, or extreme inflammation. 
  • Risk factor: Any person who suffers from this condition is vulnerable to the possibility of getting metabolic abnormalities. This makes it even more a bad omen to the health of any person who has an athletic lifestyle as it can greatly affect he’s/her athletic abilities. 
  • Effect on progeny: As this condition is known to appear more often in children or young adults, there is a very high possibility of this condition affecting the permanent tooth, that is yet to appear. This is because the fused deciduous teeth would not fall off as it was supposed to, hence, will cause the following permanent tooth to not appear at all. 
  • Effect on other teeth: Since this condition disrupts the appearance of permanent teeth by suppressing them inside the jaw, it eventually causes the teeth around it to align in the wrong direction rather than the one that they are supposed to. This causes the whole set of teeth to look awkward as well as aesthetically unpleasant. 

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