Are Dental X-rays Safe During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is one of the most important as well as the most sensitive periods in the life of a woman. During this time, a body can experience a massive amount of change. But this does not refer to you begin carelessly with your dental hygiene. Dental hygiene is a very important aspect to consider while being in the period of pregnancy as carelessness in dental hygiene can cause risks for not only you but for your child. Regular dental checkups should be a compulsion for everyone, whether you are pregnant or not. Dental x-rays are suggested according to their dental hygienic health.

But one of the main concerns of a soon-to-be mother is whether going for dental checkups that include getting an X-ray done will be a safe decision or not?  To put it simply, yes, it would be perfectly harmless for you and your baby to go for your dental X-ray. Though it is safe to do, there are still some other factors that you should take into consideration while planning your dental care in this sensitive time.

Some things to know beforehand while going to get a dental X-rays done are:

  • the studies have shown as well as proved that the amount of radiation that is released in the procedure of taking an X-ray is harmless for your baby and is perfectly safe. But one thing that you should make sure of is to properly inquire about the machines in the dental clinic and take a good look at them yourself. In order to be sure about it being in a proper condition.
  • Even after this, there is an added layer of protection to avoid any kind of harm that can be caused to you and your baby. It is a physical layer that makes sure that anyone who’s getting a dental X-ray done does not have to get X-rays exposed to her whole body. This is an apron that the dentist would put upon you during your X-ray. This apron extends from your face up to your abdomen and hence, protecting your child from any possible danger.
  • You should always call your doctor or notify him/her about your pregnancy. This will allow you and your doctor to devise out a plan for your proper treatment. This makes sure that you get the best treatment possible that works both for you and your baby.
  • Many women hold off all of their dental visits with their doctor until the end of their pregnancy’s first trimester. This is because many women believe that babies are the most vulnerable in this time and hence, do so to gain peace of mind.
  • One of the most not preferred things that pregnant women do is to not get their X-rays done until their baby gets born. This can not only cause your dental health to deteriorate but also create a bigger problem. This bigger problem is handling your baby and your dental health issue at the same time, which can be quite a big problem to go head-on with.

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