Root canal treatment is performed by specialist known as endodontist. Also, this technique is to save the teeth from fracture or deeper decay. In this process, the nerve and blood and supply commonly known as pulp are removed from the tooth. As a result, the canals are cleaned with files and filled. This not only helps in reducing pain but also prevents the teeth from further decay. After completion of the root canal treatment, it is important to ensure that recovery is made smoothly so one needs to follow five major tips after the treatment. 

Pain management:

After the treatment, one may experience tenderness and inflammation which may persist for a couple of days. Most of the pain can reduce with the use of pain relief medication. If the pain becomes severe with time then it is better to visit the doctor again. Moreover, to manage the pain, one can divert their mind and go for a walk or involve in other works. 

Choose foods wisely:

More than pain Sensitivity is generally exists after treatment, so it is  necessary that one should select food wisely. One should avoid the use of hard, chewy spicy food because of such foods it is liable to cause irritation and displace the filling. So, experts suggests to make use of soft food for eating and never to use too hot or too cold food as it can irritate. 

Practice good oral habit:

A few of the habits could help your root canal treatment to recover faster and even prevent the teeth from future decay. A habit such as brushing twice a day and flossing makes a vast difference. 

Place the crown sooner:

Just after the execution of the root canal treatment, a temporary filling takes place until the time tooth gets heal. Once the healing is complete then quickly execute the task of fixing  permanent crown. It is highly recommended to go for crown after root canal treatment to prevent re infection of canals and to increase the longevity of the tooth.

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