Why should you brush your teeth twice a day


With the busy schedule of every day, people have gradually started to miss out the daily habits like brushing. And, brushing can replace with the advent of mint spray, mouth freshener, and mint mouthwash. Here are the top reasons why you should brush your teeth daily for the for at least 2 times a day number of times. 


The bacterial infection is the most common infection of the mouth. So brushing your teeth twice daily is mandatory. As a result, it destroy the effect of bacteria, constantly produces in the mouth. Bacteria remain alive for 24 hours that result in the damage of the enamel and gradually weakens the root and gum of your tooth. Besides this, brushing is even helpful in the removal of the bad breath from your mouth. Any tooth paste available in the market won’t fight against bacteria for more than 12 hours that’s why we should brush at least twice a day.

Production of saliva:

 Saliva takes place maximum in the mouth when you are awake and less when you are sleeping. Saliva adds a protective layer in the mouth as a defense against bacterial infection and plaque and put a halt to the production of excess cavities. Brushing of teeth twice daily can avoid the destruction caused by bacteria while less formation of saliva takes place. The formation of bad smell and acid in the mouth overnight can only disappears after you brush your teeth frequently in a day.  

Prevention of tartar build-up:

Something gets attached to your teeth and does not go away easily. The only way to get rid of it is by scraping off the tar from the teeth and that can be done only by a dentist. In case it is left untreated then it may result in bad gum infection which later results in excessively bleeding gums. Diabetic people and people with smoking habits are at higher risk in comparison to the average person.  So to prevent this tartar buildup, one should brush and floss their teeth.

Protect gums:

Brushing and flossing of teeth help in the polishing of your smile. But, protecting your gum is even important to gain proper oral hygiene healthcare. Bleeding gum is the more frequent complaint observed in the case of  patients with unhealthy gums. 

Improvement of overall health

With the advancement of science, several diseases show a direct link with oral disease. Lack of oral health can lead to major diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, premature babies, osteoporosis, etc. Therefore, it is necessary in today’s world to have a healthy and bright smile that is enough to create an impression amongst others.   This is the reason why world health organization says ORAL HEALTH IS OVER ALL HEALTH.

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