Ugly Duckling stage in Children


Ugly Duckling Stage in children is an autocorrecting disorder. It is a normal phase of dental development, commonly seen between the ages of 7 to 12. Which is right before the full growth of a permanent set of teeth. During this time-frame, when the lasting maxillary focal incisors grow they will in general spread laterally and broadly making spaces known as PHYSIOLOGIC MEDIAN DIASTEMA between the teeth. This phase of dental development is nothing but ‘Ugly duckling stage’.

The name ugly duckling is because of the close resemblance between the appearance of the tooth at this stage. And that with an ugly duckling it borrows its name from the children frictional fable ugly duckling.

Causes for Ugly Duckling Stage in Children

It causes when the central and the side along incisors of the upper jaw tilts because of the congestion created by the unerupted canines. As the canines grow they push on the roots of the incisors. This results in the tilt of the incisor and creates a midline space between the front teeth. The midline space is only a short period and the incisors get back to the normal arrangement when the upper canines start to grow they put pressure on the incisor to shift back to their original position.

The ugly duckling stage is quite a normal dental condition before the complete growth of the permanent set of teeth. Having a gap of 2mm in between the central incisor is normal. It doesn’t require any special dental treatment. Also It is best advised to avoid any sort of dental treatments as it may pose a hinder in the path of the growing canine as there are chances of deflection. But if there is a situation where there is not much space for the canines to grow then parents after consulting a dentist can opt for braces for their kids.

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  1. Anindita Mukherjee

    My daughter is 9 years old,she is suffering from ugly duckling stage for the front upper two teeth.will I go for braces after 12 years,or will exercise for jaw and lip can help her?

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