What should I do if my tooth cracks


Tooth cracks are a break or crack on the hard shell of the tooth. The most alarming experience anyone can be breaking or chipping of the tooth. Such type of dental accidental is quite common regardless of dental health. If you discover a situation that could result in trauma for your mouth then what can be done to avoid the pain and permanent damage from displaying its effect. The important factor that needs to be noted if you face breaking or chipping of tooth:

Rinse your mouth 

As soon as your tooth cracks or broken, you need to immediately rinse your mouth with water. This will help to keep the specific area clean and free of blood and dirt. The remaining residue of the tooth still presents in your mouth can come out with a quick rinse. Take precaution from swallowing tooth as it may cause damage to other teeth accidentally. 

Stop the bleeding 

The breaking of the tooth has resulted in breaking that first you need to apply pressure to the specific area with the use of cotton ball or clean towel or gauze it away. This is going to prevent you from swallowing the excessive flowing blood. Remember not to scrub or irritate the area as it can increase the pain and bleed too. Maintain steady pressure on tooth or gum with negligible movement. If the bleeding gets uncontrolled then immediately rush for help to the closet emergency room. 

Preserve the tooth:

If your complete tooth is out at once then you need to quickly locate it. There can be chances to save and replace it. So, as soon as you discover your tooth, quickly rinse it and merge it in the saline solution or milk. In case, you do not have either, you can save it in the clean water. Hurry to meet the dental as there can be better chances to save the tooth. 


A cold compress helps relieve the pain and swell in the infected area. Consume an over-the-counter pain reliever to relax your discomfort and inflammation. And, finally, proceed ahead to meet your dental with immediate effect.

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