Health is highly affected by the way of eating your food. According to experts, it has been noticed that the first eating disorder can be observed in the mouth. Nutritional deficiency and ill habits are the major cause that affects dental health to a vast extent. In case, anyone is suffering from Eating disorder then, for sure you need to consult an expert dentist. They recommends you the responsive mechanism which is applicable to treat the oral issue that is going to accompany you in long run. 

How does an eating disorder harm your dental health?

Deteriorating gums:

When a person suffers from an Eating disorder then the body doesn’t receive sufficient nutrition for maintaining the health of the gum. Due to which the gum starts bleeding and loosen up resulting in tooth decay. Gradually, the reduction of nutrients like calcium, iron, and B vitamins results in deficiency and result in gum disorder or tooth decay. Reduced level of calcium causes tooth decay, less quantity of vitamin D causes bad breath and lack of iron results in sores in the mouth. 

Decay due to acid:

The eating disorder leads to vomiting cause vomiting that omits acid from the stomach via the mouth. This acid is liable to affect the upper layer of the enamel. Changing the color of the teeth, bad breath, the sensitivity of teeth, and decaying of teeth are the significant signs of acid damage. 

Salivary gland damages:

According to several types of research, the conclusion is, a vast number of the population is suffering from salivary gland problems. Hence, People who are in habit of binge eating or purging cycle experience enlarged glands that are painful and aesthetically displeasing. 

Anorexia and Bulimia:

People can experience this ill effect that becomes the reason behind increased sensitivity to dental decay and more. These cases required immediate medical assistance to save the teeth from severe damages.

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