Dental neglect and its consequences

Dental Neglect and its Consequences

Dental Neglect is the inability to meet the oral necessities and cause serious damage to one’s health. Because, A healthy mouth enables an individual to speak, eat and socialise without discomfort or embarrassment. Also, Oral disease is one of the most costly diet and lifestyle related diseases. The cost of dental neglect is also high in terms of its financial, social and personal impacts. 

Dental Neglect is seen at each and every step of life with different reasons involved with it. It begins from childhood, through adolescence to finally to the old-age. It is also seen during Pregnancy, it is said that over negligence during this phase may also cause harm to the foetus. 

Types of Dental Neglect

Active neglect

The  Intentional failure of parents or guardians to fulfil their caregiving responsibilities.

Passive neglect 

The Unintentional failure of parents or guardians to fulfil their caregiving responsibilities. Because of knowledge, illness, finance or lack of awareness of available community support or resources.


 A  person’s inability to provide for his or her own needs because of physical, mental or developmental disability.

Dental prevention neglect

It is the neglect of the prevention of oral disease which results in dental conditions. As a result, this may lead to traumatic dental injuries or dental pain.

Consequences of Dental Neglect

  •  Pain, lack of appetite, lethargy, and malocclusion are some consequences of untreated dental caries.
  •  Loss of oral function, disrupted  sleep, poor appearance, low weight, poor performance in school. Similarly low self-esteem and poor quality of life.
  • In the case of Children, this may extend to older ages and have major impacts on wellbeing. 
  • Extreme Cases of Dental Neglect may lead to serious Periodontal diseases and other oral conditions.
  • Tooth decay/ Crumbling of tooth and bone is the most common effect which has been noticed and is extremely painful for the sufferer. 
  • Most people know that poor oral hygiene can have adverse effects on the mouth, leading to bad breath, gum disease, cavities, tooth abscesses and infections, and the loss of teeth. 


However, this is of the most serious cause for the oral problems. As so many of the adults are also not aware of this issue. It is better to educate ourselves before dealing with the consequences later.

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