Food care after Root canal therapy

Foods you need to take care after Root canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy is usually a process used to treat badly damaged or infected tooth. Here, your dentist removes the damaged area of the tooth and then filling and sealing it. A cracked tooth, deep cavity, continuous dental treatments to the tooth are the common causes that affect the pulp.

When do you actually need Root Canal Therapy? This is the question that rises among most of the minds. Dentists usually recommend this root canal therapy when the bacteria have infected the pulp inside the tooth. However, this infection may cause tooth pain, swelling on the face and gums and tooth discolouration. As a result, in order to cure the infection your dentist may remove the bacteria of the tooth. Later they fill the tooth with a dental material and then restore the tooth with a dental crown.

The healing period of root canal therapy is not that easy. It is critical to follow the dentist’s instructions to protect the restored teeth. So, choosing proper food during the recovery period is very important. Here we suggest some of the care tips and what foods to eat and not to eat after the treatment.

Tips to care about a Root Canal Therapy

However, root canal therapies have a high success rate, so you can save a restored tooth for a lifetime only with proper care.
Maintain good oral hygiene – brushing and flossing twice a day can prevent your teeth damaging from future problems.
Dental Visit – Cleanings and examinations by dentists can keep your teeth healthy.
Avoid hard foods – Chewing hard foods like ice can cause teeth to break and cause harm to root canals.

What to eat after a Root Canal Therapy?

After the root canal therapy, your mouth remains numb form the Anesthesia for a few hours. Accidentally biting on something hard can cause you pain or irritation. So keeping this in mind, your dentist suggests you harmless and soft food to eat. As a result, soft foods are a better choice after root canal therapy to avoid irritation.
According to the research, these are some of the soft foods suggested by the dentist’s after the treatment are

• Mashed bananas and fruits like mango and papaya.
• Oatmeal or cream of wheat made with milk to improve nutrients.
• Lukewarm vegetable soup containing soft vegetables.
• Meatloaf and eggs or omelette for protein.
• Milkshakes and pancakes.

What not to eat after a root canal therapy?

Once after completion of this treatment, you should be very careful about that particular part of your mouth without causing any irritation. As a result, eating hard food could increase the chance of damaging the tooth, which can further lead to complications like additional dental treatments. Because chewing sticky foods can dislodge the crown.

  •  Sticky foods like gum and candy can displace the crown.
  •  Crunchy foods like carrots and apples can damage the tooth and cause pain.
  •  Hard foods like nuts and ice can cause pain to the tooth.
  •  Liquids like Alcohol can also increase bleeding.
  •  Hot soup, hot coffee or tea can cause discomfort.

After the root canal therapy, the sensitivity lasts for several days. But you can overcome these problems by following the guidance of your dentist. Along with these, you should also continue to brush and floss the teeth twice a day as normal.

This article is intended to promote understanding of and knowledge about general oral health topics. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your dentist at dental hospital qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment

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  2. I liked that you explained that oatmeal can be a good thing to eat after a root canal. That is good to know because my father needs to get a root canal this spring. He should also think about asking a dentist what types of foods he should get.

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  4. I recently had a root canal and was searching for the fruits I can eat. Your article helped me alot in taking proper care of my food habits!

  5. I had a root canal three days ago. I had minor discomfort for the next 24 hours. I took ibuprofen first night, and continue to take arnica pellets, and Rescue Remedy. My jaw was tight and gums were tender for two days. I am eating soft foods and feeling much better now. No pain.

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