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Pediatric dentistry -Things to know about

Pediatric dentistry is a dentist’s specialty that deals with the treatment of dental issues in newborns and children. Pediatric dentists are qualified to provide special care and attention to children’s dental check-ups. It is critical to start providing appropriate dental care at a young age since skipping on it can lead to severe dental issues, including tooth loss.

Pediatric dentists educate parents on the need for regular dental care and cleanliness for the correct development of teeth. Consistent treatment contributes to avoiding future dental crises.

Things you should know about… pediatric dentistry

  1. Tooth decay common problem in Children

Tooth decay is one of the most prevalent disorders in children and can be hazardous not only to their oral environment but also to their overall health. Tooth decay, if left untreated, can harm the infant’s other teeth and have a long-term negative impact on their general health and development.

  • Cavities can be avoided.

cavities are prevalent, but it doesn’t imply they can’t be avoided. Fluoride a naturally occurring element has the capacity to prevent and treat tooth decay in its early stages.

 Fluoride strengthens growing teeth when administered to them. It strengthens the tooth enamel, which is a strong protective coating on the teeth. A tooth with strengthened enamel is more resistant to decay. Keep in mind, however, that fluoride cannot fix cavities.

  • Candy isn’t the primary source of poor dental health.

Although consuming sweets causes cavities, this is not only the main cause of poor dental health. There are various food habits that have been recognized as causing tooth decay.

Snacks like chips, pastries, chocolates, and even bread might raise a child’s risk of acquiring cavities. This is due to the fact that tooth decay is caused by bacteria that creates acid after ingesting carbohydrates.

Cavities are created by microbes that feed on the sugar found in starchy foods. As a result, brushing your child’s teeth after eating starchy meals is critical.

  • Regular dental check-ups for Children

Dental specialists advise bringing your child to the dentist when they’re a year old. However, most of the parents do not take their child to the dentist until he or she is two to three years old and that is not good for their oral health.

It is essential to remember that infant’s teeth are necessary for a variety of factors. One of the main factors is that they aid growing children with speech development, among other things, such as chewing food.

  • Baby’s teeth should be cared for from the earliest stage.

It is important to care for your child’s teeth even before they grow. Before your child’s teeth develop, use an infant toothbrush or a soft cloth to wash their gums twice a day. This will maintain their gums clean and prepare them for brushing. Brush your child’s teeth twice a day with non-fluoridated toothpaste after they have developed.

Treatment is given by Pediatric Dentist

Pediatric Dentist has much more knowledge about dental issues, especially in children compared to other dentists. They consult with the parents to understand the child’s oral health habits and dental history. They interact with the youngsters in a kind manner to alleviate their fears about the treatment.

Pediatric Dentists give Fluoride treatment to Children who need it and they also focus on every child’s needs and guide them through the treatments.  Children are also provided regular teeth cleaning procedures in order to keep them cavity-free. Pediatric dentistry provide misaligned teeth correction as early as feasible.

  • Infant oral health examinations. This involves caries risk evaluations for both the mother and the child.
  • Dental preventative treatment. It also includes guidelines for fluoride treatments, hygiene, nutrition, and eating habits.
  • Healing of tooth imperfections or cavities
  • Gum disease and medical disorders such as mucoceles, short frenulum, paediatric periodontal disease, and ulcers are managed.
  • Taking care of any dental injuries.


Pediatric dentistry is the research of preventive oral care in children from infancy to adolescence.Taking proper care of teeth is important to everyone whether is it a child, teenager, or an adult it may protect them from a variety of dental disorders as well as their general oral health. Top SKY Dental Clinic is one of the best dental clinics that provides an experienced team of dentists that will thoroughly address your child’s dental difficulties.

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