Vitamin D deficiency and effect on Dental health


Vitamin d deficiency is a very common form of deficiency visible in individuals of all age groups. Vitamin D also is known as calciferol is a fat-soluble vitamin. And is naturally takes place in few foods and are also available as dietary supplement. Vitamin d is responsible for the healthy functioning of the immune system and also in the maintenance of bone stability.

Sunlight is one of the best sources of natural Vitamin D. But due to modern days lifestyle and desk-bound jobs, we are rarely expose to this natural source. Low Nutritional food is one of the primary causes of vitamin deficiency

A wide range of oral health disorders are also exists with vitamin d deficiency. Vitamin deficiency in children results in enamel defects, dentine, and defective tooth mineralization. In adults, vitamin deficiency causes tooth demineralization which results in a condition called “rachitic tooth” in which the tooth is mostly prone to fracture and tooth decay and also shows periodontal infections. As a result, Vitamin deficiency may also result in oral cancer and tooth osteonecrosis of the tooth.

How Important is vitamin D

Vitamin d deficiency can obeserve mostly in oral health disorder and has been a prime reason for tooth defects, caries, periodontitis, and oral treatment failure. As several studies have shown the close relation of periodontal infection and its close association with vitamin d deficiency. The maintenance of the right amount of vitamin d level in the body has shown to result in better oral health and development throughout life. Intake of vitamin d supplements can only be consulting a doctor.

Vitamin d is a very essential component for oral health not only for its impact on bone metabolism, but also for its role in acting as an anti inflammatory agent and stimulating the production of anti microbial peptides. Its level should be checked before undergoing any oral health treatment to ensure the productive results of the treatment. 

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