How to take care of teeth in mixed dentition period

How to take care of teeth in mixed dentition period

The mixed dentition period is the transition period of teeth growth in which milk teeth fall out and permanent teeth grow. All milk teeth are replaced by permanent teeth by the age of 13years. Here are some tips that will help you take care of the oral health of your child during the mixed dentition period.


A balanced diet plays a very important for your child’s growth. Avoid sugary snacks and drinks as they might damage your child’s teeth. High sugar content snacks are known to promote tooth decay.


It is very important to Brushing the teeth twice daily to maintain your kid’s oral hygiene. Brushing after taking sugary snacks helps to prevent tooth decay. Children under the age of 8 must do it under adult supervision.


Flossing helps to get rid of food particles which are in between the teeth. It is advisable to floss at least once daily. Flossing helps to get rid of sticky films know as plague, gum diseases, bad breath in the areas where the toothbrush can’t reach.


Fluoride is an essential mineral which can prevent primary stages of tooth decay and cavities. Apart from brushing and flossing intake of fluoride is also very important. Drinking water is a very good source of fluoride intake.


A sealant is a slim layer of plastic that is clung to the gnawing surfaces of molars where rot happens frequently. The sealant fills in sections to keep plaque out and give a smooth surface that is not difficult to clean. Sealants are mostly recommended for all permanent molar teeth.


A regular dental checkup every 6 months is very important. This period will allow you to diagnosis and treat dental problems which might pose a serious problem in the future.

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