Dental don’ts! What not to do with your teeth

Dental Don’ts are mandatory! Because sometimes, misinformation and even good intentions can lead you afield due to the over caring. Here are some of the dental don’ts you need to follow.

Do not brush too hard

Brushing too hard or using a brush which is having hard bristles can damage the enamel of your teeth. They can also irritate your gums. As a result, this can hurt your teeth and smile. So, all you need is a SOFT TOOTHBRUSH, that keeps your teeth clean. 

Do not eat large amount of acidic foods

Acid weakens the teeth by breaking down the tooth enamel. Consumption of acidic foods and beverages in large amounts can lead teeth to become sensitive. Therefore, to avoid this, always rinse your mouth with water after consumption of foods and drinks. 

Do not use teeth as tools

Your teeth are there to help you to eat, speak and smile. And teeth aren’t there to open bottles and cut sewing threads. Anything you put in your mouth should not be a potential source of damage to your teeth and gums. Because, this action will be a quick way to chip or crack your teeth, leading to pain. 

Therefore, keep yourself safe and also keep a close eye on kids who tempt to keep anything they find in their mouths. Because, the baby teeth are Milky teeth and can easily damage, as a result it also affects gums. 

Do not Chew Hard foods and ice

Ofcourse teeth are incredibly strong. The enamel of your teeth is the hardest substance in the human body. But, it doesn’t mean your teeth are unbeatable. Whether it is a piece of ice or the hard end of your pen, the pressure from chewing these hard objects regularly causes damage to your teeth. Because, no matter how hard your enamel is, it can only take so much abuse until it becomes cracked. Once the enamel chips or cracks, the soft tissue inside the teeth will get irritated. 

Do not smoke

Smoking is one of the main Denta don’ts! Smoking or chewing tobacco is absolutely not safe. Because, tobacco is the cause for major dental problems. Moreover, this habit also leads to bad breath, tooth sensitivity and gum disease. Similarly, it also increases plaque and causes receding gums. Now-a-days, vaping has become common among teens. And their age is too early to know the full effects of vaping. Hence, reduce the risk of serious conditions by quitting today.

Avoid Sugary and sticky foods

Sugar is the enemy of good oral health. Sugar develops bacteria and allows them to flourish in the mouth. Over consumption of sugary and sticky foods like toffees can lead to tooth decay and severe dental problems.

Do not bite your fingernails

Ofcourse, fingernails are softer than your teeth, so you should not bite them. No matter how soft they are, it takes some amount of force to bite them. Overtime, this can cause your teeth to shift and misalign. 

Follow these Dental don’ts to maintain good oral hygiene. Because, taking good care of your teeth leads to a beautiful smile and a healthy body. Stop the above habits and start improving your dental health. Talk to the dental professional & know the status of your teeth and commit to maintain healthy teeth from today. 

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