5 Common Denture Problems and How To Treat Them

5 Common Denture Problems and How To Treat Them

Dentures are one of the most important oral health tools for anyone who has to use them. But getting used to your new denture can take quite some time and by most probabilities, you are going to run into quite some problems as well. But these issues are easy to sort out. Below are the 5 common denture problems and the ways to treat them :

1. Discomfort and soreness

The discomfort and soreness are often associated with pain and irritation that is caused by the new denture getting rubbed into the gums of your jaw is one of the most common denture problems. This initial phase of soreness generally disappears and you should feel normal again. If the pain persists or gets worse, then make sure to consult your doctor.

The best way to treat this soreness is by rinsing your mouth with saltwater solution and then massaging it as well. 

2. Speaking problems 

Denture feels weird and unnatural in the mouth at the beginning and makes it difficult for you to speak. This might need you to do some extra work to familiarize your mouth muscles with the denture and practice speaking properly by getting used to all the sensations of the denture at the same time as well. 

This is a problem that can be quite problematic at first but is also the easiest to solve as well. The best way to treat this problem is by practicing to speak a lot. The only way that your body gets used to a physical change is by getting used to it as much as possible. Try speaking with your close ones or singing a lot or even talking to yourself in the mirror. 

3. Eating difficulties 

After getting a new denture, there are many chances that you will find it hard to eat. This is mostly because your oral gums are still in the process of getting used to this sudden change. Sometimes, it could be too painful for you to eat anything, while other times, you will find too much food slipping out while you are in the process of eating it. 

The best way to treat this problem is by trying to eat as many soft food items as possible and gradually move on to eating hard foods until your gums adjust to this change. 

4. Slipping of dentures

Even if you have gotten a special pair of dentures made specifically according to your measurements, there is a fair chance that your denture will slip off many times. 

This problem fixes itself when your gums get used to your dentures and provide them with a cushion that holds them in place as well. If this doesn’t happen, you can try denture adhesives or contact your doctor. 

5. Too much saliva production

Dentures are an artificial physical change for your body. Physical changes often tend to confuse our internal glands as well. The saliva glands get confused in the case of the denture and hence, start producing more saliva than you are used to. 

There is no method to treat this problem. To confront this problem and solve it, all you can do is keep swallowing your saliva more frequently than you are used to.

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