A Sore Jaw Upon Waking? More likely, you are grinding your teeth.

At some point in our lives, almost everyone has clinched or gnashed their teeth. However, teeth grinding at night can harm your jaw and ruin your smile. We are aware of the discomfort and damage that constant tooth grinding brings about. This article is written to help you comprehend why teeth grinding is probably to blame for your sore jaw and what you can do to stop it.


The act of grinding, clenching, or gnashing your teeth is known as teeth grinding, or bruxism. You might not even be aware you do it until someone points it out to you or you frequently wake up with a sore jaw because it typically occurs at night when you’re sleeping. Chronic headaches or earaches, a tight or sore face, and a stiff or sore neck are some other signs.

What side effects are caused by grinding your teeth?

The side effects of grinding your teeth can be severe. For instance, teeth grinding at night has been linked to an increased risk of developing other sleep problems, like sleep apnea.

Additionally, there are long-term effects of tooth grinding, such as:

Decayed teeth

Fracture of teeth

Tooth decay

 Loose teeth

Health issues involving the jaw

Changed facial appearance

Another dangerous side effect of teeth grinding is the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) condition developing or getting worse. The smooth opening and closing of your mouth are made possible by the temporomandibular joints, which are located in front of your ears on both sides of your head.

You feel discomfort and pain in the jaw as well as the surrounding tendons and muscles when these joints are inflamed or injured. TMJ disorders have a significant effect on your ability to chew, swallow, speak, and control your facial expressions, and in rare circumstances, they may even affect your capacity to breathe if left untreated.

What can I do to stop teeth grinding?

There are steps you can do to stop teeth grinding. Different treatments may work better depending on your symptoms and the underlying causes. To assist you in stopping your teeth grinding, our dental specialists develop a personalized treatment. Here are some of our best suggestions for stopping grinding and getting treatment for your sore jaw:

1. Guard your teeth while sleeping.

One of the best ways to prevent teeth grinding from harming your teeth and jaw at night is to wear a mouthguard. 

2. Control your stress

Many of our patients’ teeth-grinding episodes get worse when they’re stressed, anxious, or depressed. You may quit grinding your teeth by working to better control and manage your stress, but there are other health advantages as well. To stop grinding your teeth incorporate yoga, physical activity, meditation, or other stress-relieving practices into your daily schedule.

3. Let your jaw relax.

It’s crucial to discuss jaw pain and teeth grinding with one of our dentists to determine the underlying cause. The set of muscles that control our jaw’s movement can sometimes get tense. If jaw tension is the main reason, your doctor may prescribe medication to assist relax your jaw muscles and prevent you from grinding your teeth.

4. Perform mouth and jaw exercises.

A healthy tongue and jaw muscles ensure that your jaw is properly aligned. Additionally, they help to prevent the facial and jaw from becoming tense, which is crucial because tense muscles increase the chances of teeth grinding. You can stop grinding your teeth by exercising the muscles in your jaw and tongue.

You can perform a simple exercise at home by placing your tongue to your front teeth and opening your mouth as much as you can without moving your tongue. This exercise not only strengthens your muscles but also eases tension in your jaw. In order to keep your jaw muscles loose, you can also try gently massaging them.


Are you prepared to put an end to your sore jaw and teeth grinding? If not treated, teeth grinding can result in TMJ condition as well as a sore jaw. Additionally, bruxism can seriously harm your tooth, necessitating costly dental procedures like veneers, implants, or root canals.

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