Dental Anxiety - Let's Deal With It!

Dental Anxiety – Let’s Deal With It!

Anxiety in general is not a cause of grave concern because every individual experiences some degree of anxiety in their lives at some point in time. But beyond a certain limit, anxiety manifests into a phobia or extreme fear which can then get harmful as it deters us from taking actionable steps that might be necessary to eliminate a problem. Medical anxiety works very much like an apple in keeping us away from a doctor and the much needed treatment, only for all the wrong reasons. Among the most common medical anxiety is dental anxiety also termed Odontophobia which is the fear of visiting a dentist. Studies have shown that about 36% of people globally face dental anxiety. And it’s surprising to know that more than 20% skip dental appointments regularly which leads to many severe dental diseases such as oral cancer, gingivitis, etc. 

People largely experience dental anxiety and dental phobia more than other medical anxiety for a variety of reasons-

  • Preconceived notion – Dental visits are more frequent and common which seem to be a daunting and painful ordeal for many and sharing this experience with others allows it to pass this fear into people who might never make out to a clinic thereafter.
  • Past dental visits – For many dental checks up in the past could have been painful depending on the dental problem resulting in them skipping or postponing a future visit to a dental clinic.
  • Horrifying instruments – Finding these instruments in the vicinity sets fear in the minds of the patients as many anticipate the pain that could be associated with their use.
  • Treatment went wrong – Sometimes lack of skilled and experienced professionals makes the situation worse by only adding to the problem and this instills a fear of repeating the incident and hence, intensifying dental anxiety.

Strategies to cope with fear –

Considering the negative impact dental anxiety can have on our oral health it is important to look out for methods and tips to cope with the stress involved in the procedure. Here are a few tips that can help you ease out and face your dentist with a smile.

  • Try to find out ways that can help you calm your mind and reduce stress. Studies have shown the power of meditation and the impact it can have on an anxious mind. Hence, meditation can be surely considered an effective tool in stress management.
  • Distraction – People often get distracted when they are trying hard to concentrate and this happens because our mind finds solace when distracted. This trick can be used to counter stress and anxiety. Try to engage your mind in an activity that keeps you distracted such as watching a movie or partying.
  • Talk to your Doctor – Just talking to the doctor about your problem can solve a larger part of your problem. Sometimes getting counseled by the doctor can help you worry less and stay calm.
  • Medication that can help in relieving stress – Sometimes doctors can help prescribe medicines such as sedatives that will help in pain management and keep you calm through the procedure.
  • General or Local Anesthesia – Depending on the severity of Odontophobia the doctor may opt for general or local anesthesia in which the patient does not feel pain throughout the procedure. 

At Skydental we cater to this very need of the patient because we understand the everlasting impact of dental phobia and its ill effects on the oral health of the patient. With our patient-centric approach, we try to address this issue depending on the age of the patient and the severity of the dental phobia. We offer a wide range of dental services with our expert professionals who intend to make every dental visit a pleasant one.

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