Types of Dental Implants


Did your doctor suggest you for dental implants? Are you happy with the choice of implant that you have preferred? To ease out the task of selection, continue reading the different types of dental implants that are prevailing in the market. A dental implant is pure titanium which can easily fit to the bone situated under the gums because of its small structure. The pure titanium acts similarly like a tooth root. This is applicable in any situation of tooth loss and can personalize easily. Now let’s move on to the different types of dental implantation.

Subperiosteal implant:

It is another type of implant that is far different than the endosteal implant. This implant is executed with the use of a metal frame attached to the jawbone below the gum tissue. After the healing of gums , the frame firmly fixes to the jawbone. Post then protrudes via gums and finally, the artificial teeth mounts over the post. This implant is a good choice for those who do not desire to undergo any type of intensive oral surgery.

Zygomatic implant:

This is the rare implant and the most complex of all dental implants that are preferred only if the fewer jawbone is left behind for the execution of endosteal implants. This process is accomplished in the patient cheekbone instead of the jawbone.

Endosteal implant:

It is the commonest type of dental implant that applies to maximum patients as it is the safest option. A placeholder of screw shape adds surgically to the jawbone. After the healing of gum, there is a minor procedure that supports the connection of post to the implant and finally, the artificial tooth attaches to it. After the completion of the process sometimes both fuses together and changes into strong teeth. These may be one piece or two piece systems. 

Of these one-piece systems are economical but they take only mechanical support from the bone. On the other hand, two-piece systems are more reliable and they come with different designs and surface modifications. Because of which better osseointegration will happen thereby increasing longevity. 

Single Piece implants

They have no joints or connecting screws. Also, these are cost-effective than two-piece implants. These can be done in a single surgical appointment, and prosthesis(crowns) will deliver immediately within 3-4 days.

Two-Piece dental implants

In Two-piece implants, the implant and abutment are separate. Often many surgical procedures are necessary. It takes approximately 2-3 sittings within 3-6 months of the time period. Hence, a waiting period of minimum 3 months before loading the implants with a prosthesis. In some cases, these implants can also load immediately.

Basal Dental Implants

Basal implants can be applied in several cases of bone atrophy(highly resorbed ridges)

What are the techniques involved in dental implants?

In case the complication arises and your jawbone cannot support any sort of dental implant. Then, doctors may suggest different techniques that can be useful for the patient such as Bone Augmentation, Sinus lift, Ridge Expansion. 3D Imaging, usually known as CBCT is a very useful tool for implant treatment planning. These techniques and dental implants are the best way to find out the perfect smile for your face. The cost of the dental implant varies depending on 3 factors

  • According to the patient’s position on how severely the bone has resorbed. Because the severe position makes the procedure complicated. It also depends on approach and procedures needed to rehabilitate dentition
  • Therefore the cost of dental implants depends on experience, skill, and specialty of Implantologist
  • Also, it depends on types of implant, Quality of implant, surface treatments of implant, type of connection of implant, type of abutment(whether standard or customized), type of prosthesis(cement retained or screw-retained), etc…

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