dental implant options

Dental Implant Options

Dental Implant Options are huge to choose from. Dental Implantation is a treatment done when you lose your teeth, in other way replaces your missing teeth. A surgeon implants a screw-like device into the jaw bone. And these act as an anchor for artificial teeth which is called a crown. And these crowns are made as an exact match to the original tooth. Not only looking like original teeth but also function like natural teeth. Dental Implants are made up of titanium and other body-friendly materials. Artificial teeth are made up of Porcelain or Acrylic. A device called Abutment connects artificial teeth. Dental Implantations will not suitable for all. For this treatment, your jawbones should be healthy. Also, you can smile or talk happily with confidence.

Advantages of Dental Implantations

  • More Natural and Comfortable
  • High Success Rate
  • Improve Chewing function
  • Decreases sensitivity to nearby tooth
  • Lowers the risk of developing cavities

Types of Dental Implants

There are 2 types of dental implantations

Endosteal Implants

This implantation is one of the most common type of dental implant options. It suits the majority of people. But this requires a good healthy jaw bone. A screw-like device is implanted into the jaw bone and a false tooth is placed over it. It requires some time to gel and create a strong bond. Once it creates a strong bond then there will be no pain

Subperiosteal Implants

Instead of fixing into the jaw bone, subperiosteal implants are placed above the jaw bone and under the gums. A metal frame is placed under the gums and attaches to it. The gum holds it strong and heals if there is any pain. But during the surgery, there will be pain near implants. It is the best alternative for endosteal implants. This treatment is done only if the patient doesn’t have enough jaw bone.

Other Techniques

Dentists use these techniques only if the jawbone is not supportive or space is less to do implantations

Bone Augmentation

If your jawbone is not supporting dental implantations, your dentist will restore the bone and make implantations. Also, this improves the jawbone. 

Sinus Lift

By adding the bone below the sinus and make it suitable for implants. This procedure is for the people whose upper back teeth are missing.

Ridge Expansion

If space is less and not suitable for implants, so your dentist will graft material on top of your jaw and create spaces. This increases the space so dentists can do implants easily

Mini Dental Implants

These implants are very narrow like toothpicks. So it needs less space for dental implants.The primary use of these implants is to stabilize the lower dentures. Although these are less innovative, still this dental implantation is the best option.  


This treatment is given to the patients if they lose all the teeth due to decay or gum diseases. It allows placing implants without any bone grafting. So it is helpful to the people to talk with confidence.

Complications of Implantation Surgery

  • Nerve damage – A resulting sensation in the surgical area
  • Movement of the implant
  • Infection near the implant
  • Exposure of implant over the gum line

Symptoms to tell implantation are unsuccessful

  • Rapid Progressive bone loss
  • Pain when tapping the implant
  • Implant is movable
  • Pus or Other secretions from that site

Finally, I want to conclude by saying that dental implantation surgery is completely safe when a qualified or experienced surgeon performs it. It is the only dental restoration option to have a healthy jawbone even after the loss of the tooth. So it is the best treatment.

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