Behaviour management in dentistry


One of the most important challenges faced by a dentist during treatment is uncooperative behavior due to fear or anxiety. So besides having good knowledge about the dental condition and the dentist should have to know how to interact with the  patient to carry out the treatment effectively. Behaviour management in dentistry plays a very vital role in dealing with kids who are not cooperative. It in turn affects the quality of dental care provided to them. Behaviour management in dentistry depends on two factors communication and education.

The connection between a kid, the kid’s family, and the dental practitioner is an important cycle that is the way to success. Behaviour management begins before the patient shows up for the medical procedure and exchanges words, voice tone, and physical touch. No single technique will be applicable in all circumstances. All things being equal, the proper behaviour management technique needs to be picked dependent on the individual kid’s necessities.

Listed below are some behaviour management techniques :

  • A dental clinic should be designed with bright colours and should have a toy room for kids. So that they feel at ease and not terrified.
  • Verbal communication with the child will greatly help to connect with the patient.
  • Observational learning theory should be used to explain the procedure they will undergo. So that the patients can overcome the fear of the dental treatment.
  • If a kid is likely to visit a dental clinic, he must get warm greetings by the staff to ease his mind. Kids can frighten of white coats and masks so it’s best to avoid while treating a child.
  • Knowing every detail about the child is very helpful in carrying out a dental procedure successfully. The child’s nature, hobbies, likings, and disliking help the dentist to interact in a friendly manner. A friendly interaction helps in overcoming the fear the child has.

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