Management of white spot lesions

Management of White spot lesions

White spot lesions, generally takes place due to the result of subsurface enamel demineralization commonly seen on the lower surface of the teeth. These White spot lesions appear due to various factors such as acid causing bacteria, poor oral hygiene, sugary diet, low salivary volume, etc.

White spot lesions are most common during or after orthodontic treatment. Managing these lesions are also quite challenging.

Here are some ways to effectively manage white spot lesions:


There are many treatments such as restoration and mineralization to treat this condition but they are a little aggressive. So prevention is the key that can help you avoid this condition. A proper oral hygiene routine and a healthy diet can be a very effective solution.

Plague control:

Proper brushing techniques will help you remove the plague effectively. It is advisable to brush your teeth twice daily using fluoride toothpaste will help prevent the occurrence of white lesions.


Toothpaste containing fluoride is very common in providing fluoride to the oral environment. Fluoride is either usable singly or in combination as in Sodium fluoride, amine fluoride, or stannous fluoride. Toothpaste containing high fluoride greater than 1500ppm is prescribed to patients to face severe cases of White spot lesions as it provides more protection.

Fluorinated products :

Using products such as fluoride toothpaste, fluoride vanishes, fluoride gels are quite effective in treating lesions. Fluoride ions takes the main step to modify the metabolism of bacteria. Accordingly found in the oral cavity and inhibit the secretion of acids simultaneously decreases demineralization and promotes remineralization. This in order helps to prevent the formation of white spot lesions. In many patients, fluoride toothpaste alone is sufficient to treat these lesions. The usage quantity of fluoride toothpaste varies in adults and children. A pea-sized amount of toothpaste is generally advised for children and a little more than that for adults.

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