Myths about Dentistry

Myths about Dentistry

“Myths about Dentistry” misguides and confuses us from the actual truth. Taking care of your teeth is necessary! Because, Oral Health affects your Overall Health. However, there is a wealth of advice available everywhere online regarding tips for proper oral care. But much of it is misleading and false statements. Thus, it is important to consider Oral health as a top priority for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. While good oral health can be built by sparing a few minutes of yourself daily. Myths about dentistry can make your oral health destroy instead of making it healthy. Let us go through some of the dental myths and truth behind them.

Brushing Hard can keep your teeth more clean

A Toothbrush with hard bristles or brushing your teeth too hard can eliminate some of the enamel which covers the teeth. This enamel has a function of protecting the tooth insides from decay and cavities. Hence, the harder you brush, the more trauma the tooth enamel endure. As a result, it can lead to other problems such as recession. So, instead of keeping them clean, this will harm your teeth. Prefer soft-bristled brushes and brush twice a day for good oral health.

Only sugar causes cavities

“It’s not the sugar itself that causes the cavity, it’s the bacteria that eats the sugar.” As the sugar imparts, it feeds the bacteria which causes plaque in your mouth. Consequently, this plaque makes the acid that wears away the enamel of the teeth worse. Hence, even if you don’t consume sugar, you will be still at risking cavities without proper brushing and flossing. 

As the sugar produces more cavities and stays longer in your mouth, it increases the chance of cavities taking place. The most noteworthy point is – “Sugar is not the only cause for tooth cavities.” Carbonated drinks, starchy foods, citrus fruits can also cause damage to your teeth. So, brushing and flossing your teeth after eating sugary foods can lower the risk of cavities. 

White Teeth are Healthy Teeth

One of the most common myths about dentistry is that the milky white teeth are healthy teeth. But the truth is “Whiter teeth are not Healthier Teeth.” Teeth being white can discolour through staining or damage. Having white teeth is not standard for good oral health. 

Bleeding Gums are Normal

Inflammation of gums causes bleeding during brushing or flossing. Excessive plaque build up, Gum diseases or other causes can lead to gum inflammation and causes bleeding. “So, It’s not normal!” Contact your dentist for an examination. 

Flossing can create spaces between the teeth

“Flossing doesn’t create spaces between your teeth, it prevents tooth decay between your teeth.” Flossing removes food particles and harmful bacteria around your teeth to keep your mouth fresh. While flossing your teeth, you might experience bleeding gums in the initial stage. But, a few weeks into a routine it will go away.

Loss of Enamel causes Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity has many causes. Enamel loss causes sensitivity, but tooth grinding, consuming too hot or too cold liquids may also cause tooth sensitivity. However, if you are experiencing tooth sensitivity, speak to your dentist about these symptoms. 

No Health Concerns, No need for an Exam!

Tooth Examination is the best way to spot the condition and troubles prior to it starting. Because, if the problems are left untreated for longer time, they go hard to treat. Dental exams for adults and kids are necessary to maintain good oral hygiene. 

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