Types Of Mouth Guards

Types of Mouthguards

Dental hygiene plays one of the key roles in the play of maintaining a proper healthy body. Dental issues don’t just cause physical pain when you do physical work but hurt the most when you do one of the most important tasks of life, eating. Having dental issues, such as tooth grinding or bruxism only make this task harder. To treat or prevent such dental issues, mouth guards are used. Mouthguards are one of the most important tools that an athlete or a sportsman uses. Due to different preferences for the material by which a mouthguard is made up, there are many kinds of mouthguards available in the marketplace. Some of these different types of dental guards are listed below:

Stock mouth Guards

This is a kind of mouthguard that comes amongst the category of the most affordable ones. This is solely for the reason of it being of the same shape and size, regardless of how different the sizes of the wearers are. This makes it quite uncomfortable to wear and often leads to problems such as difficulty in day to day tasks of breathing and talking. These are not referred to by any kinds of dentists as they pose the possibility of creating a structural problem to the face.

Thermal Inflating Mouth Guards

Thermal inflating mouth guards: This kind of mouthguard is often referred to as ‘boil and bite mouth guards and for a very good reason. This mouth guard is filled with a fluid that melts when bought to a high temperature (higher than that of an average human body) and becomes quite thick when reaches the normal body temperature. Due to this property of this mouth guard, it is very comfortable for anyone to wear as it takes the shape of the mouth of its wearer and becomes a perfect size mould. 

Custom made mouth guards

Custom made mouthguards: This is the kind of mouthguard that is made differently for every different person. This is mainly because it is a customisable mouth guard that is customized according to the structure of a person’s jaw. This is preferred by most of the doctors who specialize in treating patients with the same dental issues. But as it is specifically customized differently for every different person, it does come with a price that cannot be called affordable, according to most of the crowd. 


Being said all this, any of the above-stated devices should be used only after being prescribed by a medical expert. As not only a professional can tell you whether you should wear it not, but he/she would also lead you to the knowledge of which of the above-stated type of mouth guards should you use. Mouthguards not only prevent the disfigurement of your face along with your jawline but they also make sure of preventing you from any sort of injuries that may be caused due to sports or bad sleeping behaviour. 

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