Myofunctional Appliances

Myofunctional Appliances – Force of NATURE (Oral muscles) that sets your teeth straight

Myofunctional Appliances are used in children who are in the growth phase and needs perfectly aligned teeth. However, Visiting an Orthodontist is one of the crucial things for your child to make his/her smile loveable. Because your child deserves to have the best smile. Consequently, Here is a retreat for your child with Myofunctional appliances as per your dentist’s recommendation.

Classification of Myofunctional appliances

1. Removable

  • Activator.
  • Bionator.
  • Frankel Appliance.
  • Twin block appliance.

2. Fixed

  • Herbst appliance.
  • Jasper jumper.

3. Semi fixed

  • Denholtz appliance.
  • Bass appliance.

Mechanisms of action of Myofunctional Appliances

The importance of Myofunctional Appliances lies in growth modification of the jaws which gives you pleasing aesthetics. Therefore, Myofunctional appliances use the natural forces of the muscles surrounding the mouth to normalise the dentition.

Also, Children who are in the growth phase and needs perfectly aligned teeth suits best for these appliances. No forces with braces, Nature(oral muscles) run its course to straighten your teeth


1. This can be done at a young age which relieves the child from embarrassment from friends due to irregular teeth and jaws.

2. This is mainly removable, hence is not much disturbing to the child.

3. However, Most Myofunctional appliances are worn at night time which is comfortable for the child.

4. The oral hygiene of your child is not hampered with such orthodontic appliance. As a result, The fixed orthodontic appliance makes it very difficult to maintain oral hygiene.

5. Your child doesn’t need to make a frequent visit to the dentist with this appliance. Also, 6 months to 1-year interval is the common visit frequency.


1. Most importantly, the child’s cooperation is very important to get the desired results.

2. Individual tooth movement is not possible with this.

3. Not for adult patients whose growth has stopped.

4. A patient may require fixed appliances at the end of the therapy to get perfect results.

Process of manufacture of Myofunctional Appliances

* Firstly, they register the impression of the upper and lower jaw.

* Cast is prepared which serves as a replica for the mouth.

* Construction bite is registered for the activator.

* The desired appliance is fabricated with acrylic resin and several wire structure combinations.

*Consequently, the child is made to wear the appliance in next visit.

Who needs Myofunctional Appliances?

1. Angle’s class 2 malocclusion.

2. Angle’s class 3 malocclusion.

3. Class 1 open bite.

4. Class 1 deep bite.

5. The shorter vertical height of the patient’s lower face.

This is one of the best orthodontic appliances which is both acceptable to the patient and highly useful to get the optimum results. Therefore, Myofunctional appliances are one of the greatest inventions which enlightens the fact that all Orthodontic treatments don’t require too much tooth pressure, several appointments and a huge sum of money.

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